Experience in building web applications across multiple technology platforms (Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, .NET)

Experts in UI frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, etc.

Extensive experience in building RESTful applications

Experience with different MVC frameworks(Spring, Django, Flask, Rails, Zend, etc)

Scalable applications on the cloud (AWS, Savvis, Rackspace)

Third party API integrations(payment gateways, maps, logging systems, etc)

Web & Mobile Application Development

This is an era of applications and products being hosted on the cloud. While there is still a need for desktop based products, a huge amount of software has migrated to the cloud. There are several factors that have contributed to this shift. The huge advancements in web and mobile based UI technologies have made it possible to deliver a seamless user experience that was earlier a constraint. Moving to the cloud has helped in getting rid of the problems associated with distributing new versions of software, managing different versions of software across different operating systems and software piracy issues. It has also enabled in opening up the market for the software as it is no longer limited by the number of diverse platforms it has to support. In this era of globalization of businesses, it is imperative that the software allows people to collaborate and work online together. And most important, hosting your product on the web allows you to publish an API for your software that in turn opens up a lot of possibilities for your customer to use your software. Web and mobile applications enable all this.

With businesses moving to the web, the products and services offered reach millions of people. The world has become much more competitive as well, with the customers spoilt for choices. These open up new challenges. The new age apps and websites must deliver the best user experience to be able to survive amongst competitors. User experience includes not only the look and feel of the site, but very intuitive workflows that allow your customers to do their work seamlessly. It also includes showing them information in much better ways - visualization tools of today are a notch above what was available a few years back.


Mobile development - Experts in iOS and Android development

Expertise in BaaS based applications like Parse

Native and hybrid application development

Experience in developing high performance apps low memory footprints, low battery usage, etc

Software on the web today deals with complex business logic and a variety (and size) of data. Big data and machine learning help in a big way in understanding your customers and providing them with custom experiences. Access to millions of customers also means that the applications should be able to scale exponentially if required in a cost effective way.

At sysgee soft solutionswe are proficient in building world class web and mobile products, applications and platforms. We have built these for customers across verticals like education, travel, healthcare, finance, biotech, industrial process engineering and e-commerce. We are experts in web development technologies across technology platforms like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP and .NET. We are experts in building world class UI for the web using the latest UI development frameworks. We build software using frameworks using the best software development patterns and practices that ensure scalability and maintainability of the software. We are also proficient in building native mobile applications on Android and iOS. We have deep expertise in technologies like Machine Learning and NLP. We can help you build your cutting edge web and mobile applications and products end to end.