Well versed in writing comprehensive test suites

Quality Assurance in Agile Teams

Deep expertise in automation testing (UI and web services)

Selenium, QTP, SoapUI, Rest Client, TestNG, jUnit

Scripting in multiple languages: Java, Python, etc.

Profiling and Performance testing - jMeter, New Relic

Mobile App testing using Appium and Robotium

Testing & Automation

Software Testing should be an integral part of developing your software. Even though this seems obvious, surprisingly, many startups don't allocate sufficient budget to test their software regularly resulting in cost overruns in the overall development effort. Testing ensures that your software does what it is supposed to do. Adding new features or bug fixes can break what was already working. This can be very frustrating for the users. Proper testing can prevent this from happening. Customers interact with a software in various ways and ensuring that the software works in all scenarios is extremely important before rolling out your product to your end users.

With the world moving towards Agile Software Development, requirements change very often. The software release cycles have shrunk, the frequency of builds have increased. Continuous integration is the norm followed in many companies. Conventional methods of testing are not sufficient in a rapidly changing environment. For applications hosted on the cloud, scalability and performance are the key parameters for success. Simulating real life scenarios for different loads, optimizing the infrastructure working in tandem with the IT engineers, measuring system performance and response times are critical while working on a cloud environment. Testing mobile applications brings its own set of challenges given the varied configurations of the mobile phones available in the market. Given the limited resources available on a mobile device, some test cases need to be specifically written to ensure that the applications run well on the chosen hardware.

sysgee soft solutionshas a dedicated team of ISTQB certified Quality Assurance Engineers. Our team is well versed in writing comprehensive test suites. They have a lot of expertise in automation testing for both UI and web services. Our QA is used to working in agile teams. They get involved from the early stages and build comprehensive test suites for the features being built. Wherever possible, they automate the regression tests and integrate it with the build process to support continuous integration. They are well versed in tools like Selenium, QTP, SoapUI, Rest Client and frameworks like TestNG and jUnit. They are also good at creating scripts in Java and Python for Selenium. We have experience working with tools like jMeter and New Relic for profiling and performance testing on the cloud. For testing mobile applications, we have experience with tools like Appium and Robotium.