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"Nodality is pleased to be working with sysgee soft solutionsin developing software tools to manage our inventory and laboratory work flows. We are a startup biotech company faced with constantly evolving research lab processes, shifting user requirements, rapid release processes, and specialized instrumentation. We also work in a regulated environment, requiring constrained releases with the highest levels of software engineering practices and software validation. The sysgee soft solutionsteam was willing to work collaboratively with us in this dynamic environment. They rapidly learned the domain knowledge unique to our technology. Together, we have expanded and improved a number of customized features for our scientists, enabling substantial efficiencies in our research laboratories. sysgee soft solutionshas done very well at working remotely and collaboratively with our in-house team through televideo conferencing. They bring excellent technical and project leadership expertise to the project and the transition of our programming effort to sysgee soft solutionswent smoothly. sysgee soft solutionshas helped us increase our productivity both for our software environment while simultaneously keeping within our tight budgetary constraints."
David C. Spellmeyer

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Informatics Officer

Nodality Inc.

"I just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated this working partnership, the dedication of developers and QAs and the culture of learning which you have created in your organization. It’s rare to have so many talented youngsters in the team who have the passion to learn and grow. I have thrown many challenges at them over the years and they have delivered on all of them. We have had some ambiguity around budgets and the type of work and such of late but your organization and the resources have dealt with it with a tremendous attitude and I am grateful for all that.

Thanks for this wonderful partnership and I hope we get to work together again soon!"
Mayur Jain

IT Manager, Software Engineering

Apollo Education Group Inc.

"sysgee soft solutions, has been a true partner to our start-up. It is a real testament to their professionalism and commitment that the team at Trupik, considers the team at sysgee soft solutionsas a true extension of our company. sysgee soft solutionsteam has consistently proven their grit to us and delivered time and again amidst stress and tight deadlines. Any member of the team that comes in to meet our needs tend to get up to speed pretty quickly to start contributing. This could be due to the fact that they have a large repertoire of expertise in various different fields, frameworks and technologies. A notable accomplishment that we still reap the benefits of is our lead engineer from sysgee soft solutionssolved a load bearing problem making our production server really efficient. They continue to prove their versatility as they meet a variety of our needs, be it in building our backend system from scratch, dev-ops, app development, website implementation or big data analytics. We are very glad that we found sysgee soft solutionsas our partners."
Sridhar Tirumala


Trupik Inc.

"sysgee soft solutionshas been our development partner for our open source mHealth platform, viz. MOTECH. In addition, they have helped with implementations on the MOTECH platform for some important mHealth initiatives in India. Post go-live, they have also provided system support for these initiatives.  They have a strong technical team and take on responsibility enthusiastically."
"Our team at Stanford University is asking how we might leverage technology to better respond to infectious disease outbreak. We chose cholera outbreaks as a model system to rapidly test and iterate a new approach to improve quality of care, access to care, and our capacity to respond to outbreaks. To do this we needed a technology partner that could offer a superior product within the confines of a limited budget. sysgee soft solutionshas proven itself as a valuable member of our team and has enabled us to meet the goals of all of our design requirements. They needed to be flexible which proved to be critical to success. For example, we needed to build the user interface with our core team at Stanford and then contract with sysgee soft solutionsto build the designs. There were many iterations spanning many continents, but they were able to adjust to these needs and still produce the product. The most important topic is that sysgee soft solutionsproved that it is committed to the Social mission to improve life for all people, including those living in poverty. This commitment to a common social mission was the second secret to success. We look forward to working with sysgee soft solutionsin the future, and we are happy to field questions other customers may have. Conflict of interest statement: The team led by Dr. Eric J. Nelson, MD PhD at Stanford has no financial investment in sysgee soft solutionsInc. The intellectual property generated in partnership with sysgee soft solutionsInc. is the sole property of Stanford University."
"sysgee soft solutionshas provided exceptional support during the development of our mHealth application.  Along with their expertise, they have exhibited great patience with the development process and the inevitable changes that take place.  A real pleasure to work with!"
"sysgee soft solutionshas helped us build new features into BlueOps and BlueLink modules of our flagship auto finance product.  The product is complex and was built in-house over a period of several years.  The sysgee soft solutionsteam was able to quickly understand the code and has been making valuable contributions.  They have shown a lot of flexibility in working seamlessly with our development team onsite in spite of the time difference."
Jeffrey Danford


Blueyield Financial Services

"Intalio chose sysgee soft solutionsto develop our Intalio|BRE product because of their deep domain expertise in Business Rules Management and their rich Eclipse plug-in development experience. sysgee soft solutionsunderstands our requirements well, follows sound development methodology, and consistently delivers above expectation. The team members are professional and a pleasure to work with."
Shao Fang

VP of Demand Driven Development

Intalio, Inc.

"sysgee soft solutionsmanages to attract and retain top developer talent despite a very tight market. They have people with diverse skill sets, covering all the platforms well. Without fail every member of the team is simply great to work with. They have proven themselves on complex assignments. I look forward to our next collaboration."
(written in 2015)

"sysgee soft solutionswent way beyond just implementing our spec. They fully internalized our requirements and added a tremendous amount of value to both the architecture and implementation."
(written in 2008)
Steve Ellis


Change Sciences Group

"sysgee soft solutionsdeveloped a world class product based on our requirements using the latest web based technologies and architecture. They delivered a professional product which was high on quality and presentation. We would recommend their expertise to other product firms looking to outsource their development."
Lee Grossman

Director of Development

Vigilant Solutions

"We found sysgee soft solutionsteam to be very dedicated and technically proficient. We were impressed with their professionalism and no-nonsense attitude towards work throughout the engagement period. We highly recommend them for scientific and engineering related software development."
Anshuman Bansal



"sysgee soft solutionsprovided us with top notch software engineers to build our product. We deal with a sophisticated set of technologies to process unstructured data. sysgee soft solutions's engineers are sound in software development, versatile and skilled in multiple technology platforms. Not only does sysgee soft solutionsprovide good engineers; they have senior people guiding them when required. Their management is very flexible and accommodative when working with start-ups. I strongly recommend them if you are looking for an outsourcing partner for developing your software."
Yogen Kapadia